Happy As Fuck ft Deadpan Rookie (Canada)

from by Stolen art sessions



8th step
deadpan rookie
keepin it fake ya'll

i don't mind if ya rhymes sound like mine
there's more at stake and i got my priorities straight
no property man, i'm underground like Hoffman yo
so all ya'll no-talent emcees can steal this flow
straight up ageists, you suckaz are simple and plain
shit from '89 kicks the shit out of shit from present day
hardcore gangstas turnin hip hop soft
now we got bigger problems than other cats rippin us off
yo where my so-called people at
runnin round in a maze
tradin in beautiful days
and home in time to beat the wife
the more of ya'll i meet the more i hope for intelligent life
Paris Hilton
hail Janus
let's make a bad sex tape and get famous
dumb luck
Girls Gone Wild watchin mutherfuckers
i sublimate this hate into my art
contempt and mockery right from my heart
circle jerklin the mock sun
computer check 0, computer check 0, 1
alt mode you, show you screen love
reppin all area codes
doesn't really matter where i'm from

remember to forget what they say
we can burn the map and move away
i won't revolt and cross the line
as long ya'll give me my quiet time

8th step
bring it back

check it
ya'll go better with juice
still knowin the ledge, keepin my head up
on some old skool shit, makin the kids get up
if ya suck corporate dick put ya hand up
i won't let 'em bend me over just as long as ya'll stand up
it's all, s'all, s'all right
i'll keep taking the trash out night after night
this junk smacks of opiates
my noise grabs asses like a predictable sitcom to comfort the masses
straight up if ya ain't down then this sound won't touch ya
i'm happy as fuck without ya
i'll lay my eggs in your brood pouch like a seahorse
i kill it cuz ya'll worthless earthlings leave me little recourse
i frequent seas ya'll watered down emcees can't handle
ya'll take your award home and put that shit on your mantle
ya'll give thanks to Jebus
while i'm slayin the real Satan
restorin hip hop
repairin the foundation
wiggidy white but don't think for a second i'm playin
kn-know what i'm sayin na ee ur know what i'm sayin
meetin ya'll needs just like the J to the R O C
but i ain't seen no reciprocity
it's costin me and i got next to nothin to show for it for real
the closer i get the more you muthafuckaz ignore it but
i won't revolt and cross the line
as long ya'll give me my quiet time


from Abording Frontiers, released December 31, 2012
Deadpan Rookie from Canada : deadpanrookie.com




Stolen art sessions City Of Brussels, Belgium

Born in a Belgian basement with the ambition to resonate across the planet, Stolen Art Session regroups MCs from any country on the planet, provides them with a Boombap beat and post production.
Anyone here raps in there own way, there own language. All the tune are made available for free and the project is always looking for new comers!
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